Thursday, November 03, 2005

What do you do when you have no clue about how to be a part of society? Riot, what else!!!!

Sad isn't it? The land of fine wine, world famous art and of the expatriot American artist and musician in the last century is now facing riots from those who have immigrated in but want to be no part of the country. Well they do not want to be a part unless they get guarantees about such things as jobs and housing.

What is wrong with this picture? Many things!! For one nothing in life is guaranteed...not one damn thing. Secondly this is not their house it is the French house and while yes there is respect for the traditions that some will bring with them to their new home, this does not mean that the country in question has to bend over backwards to the point of breaking in order to accomaodate the new citizens. If that were the case, no country on the planet would even progress.

By the by if these folks want jobs and start to pay their own way for housing, guess what? There are cities all over France that need people to work in them. Lyons, Marseilles and others. One just has to look, read and make an effort. Oh I forgot, making an effort is something that the lefties tell people is what the government has to do not the people in question. Damn them.


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