Sunday, November 06, 2005

Why should the will of the people be under attack?

Elections here in the US and in other countries are, if I am correct based on the fact that the majority has elected an official or has passed a proposition which, it is thought would make things better for the general populace. However it looks as though some have very short memories.

It seems that this past week, those wonderful folks in Hollyweird and in other parts of the state of California have stepped up their verbal attacks and protests against Governor Schwarzenegger because they do not like the fact that he is trying to tighten the reigns on spending. Oh yeah that as well as trying to make the state more business friendly. In doing so, he has had to make some rather difficult decisions because being the head of a state does entail that duty. However the protestors from Los Angeles to San Francisco have a case of amnesia.

Wasn't it just a couple years back that a Democrat named Gray Davis had the state on the verge of a virtual bankruptcy? If memory serves, his adminstration was marked by runaway spending, an energy scandal that caused rolling brownouts [a lot of this caused by firms such as the late Enron] as well as problems with every union and special interest group throughout the state. He faced a recall election as a result and the people chose The Terminator if only due to the fact that he said he would not let this 'business as usual' attitude prevail. [Minnesota did similar a while back by electing Jesse 'The Body' Ventura their governor, but what he did there caused more problems in his one term than anything else...that will be for another time]. And he has not let it happen.

In the time that Arnold has been in office he has cut some of the red tape that used to tie up the process of getting business done. Contrary to what the unions and the Hollyweirdoes [Warren Beatty and others] have tried to get out through propaganda machines like the AP, there is construction going on. There are jobs being created. The transit agency in California, CalTrans is expanding service in the tightest of traffic corridors. Plus he is trying to get the schools to get their acts together by taking on the rules that have been in place that have kept educational progress stagnant [and have allowed tenure in such a way that even bad teachers cannot be removed unless it took, pardon the term an 'act of god'].

The Governator is going to make mistakes and he is not going to be able to please all of the people all of the time. In addition to being seriously crazy, this would also cause a larger bottleneck in Sacramento than the traffic coming in each morning. The short minded in the state who seem to find the time to go out of their way to protest like there is all the time in the world [makes one wonder if the teacher's union for example is always marching what is going on in the classrooms] failing to remember that the will of the people has spoken and Arnold has to be given time to do his job. Then again another former governor of the state said the same thing. That was Jerry Brown, the former 'Governor Moonbeam'. But he was right, so folks relax, the will and voice of the people have spoken and now let things develop. If no one likes it, heck vote Arnold out in the next election or even recall him if need be.


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