Monday, November 07, 2005

California Strikes Again [And we are in trouble if this one spreads]

Just after I had written about how the weirdoes in the state of confusion, I mean California are trying to recall the Governator because apparently he is not turning out to be a pushover weenie and give in to the liberal loonies, another bit of manure has arisen from the dung heap. In this case it has to do with a ruling from the 9th Circuit Court of Weasels.

This one deals with the Palmdale school district sending out questionaires to the students asking them about their sexual history. (Someone else has placed this on the net in a better form than I can at: What makes me really sick about this is that these questions were sent to 7th graders without the parents knowing and then this court of ill repute and lack of brains said the parents had no recourse in this. Bizarro-world strikes again.

Telling a parent they have no grounds to question or even to fight this type of intrusion on their children is just plain wrong. If you read the questions as stated in the previously refernced site, it becomes obvious that there is another agenda at work here. It has been known for quite some time that slowly but surely the basics of education in the school systems of some of the larger cities (controlled by liberals - surprise, surprise) have had creep in under the radar a loosened attitude towards sexuality and all that goes with it. This is being introduced to younger and younger students in the name of being diverse.('Yes Johnny and Sue some of your fellow 6th or 7th graders are sexually different than you and we must understand as well as be accepting/tolerant).

Is it any wonder then that the US is slowly falling behind many other industialized nations as far as math and science are concerned. While we may be nuturing more Maplethorpes or worse, the edge that we used to have as far as being innovative is going the way of the Edsel. And the parents who are fighting this are real heroes. They understand the stakes better than the union creeps who have tried to bring this in with the blessing of Carter and Clinton appointees. From my desk, this type of crap has to stop, NOW.


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