Thursday, October 23, 2008

At some point, this will be updated again....

Hey there True Believers!!!

I just looked around the bloggosphere the other day and realized, OMG I actually had this one still active!!! Well there will be a time when this will be revived, but for the time being, enjoy the select subject matter, the logic applied to solve some of the problems of the world - and even some humour applied to all of this!

If this gets one to laugh, ponder and maybe consider a positive course of action, then I have done my job!! Enjoy.

An update: Just thought I would, bring this into the modern era with a couple links. I would not ordinarilly do this, but these are two really sharp and cool people, who mean something to yours truly for different reasons.....but are meaningful just the same.

The first of them is to a blog which is as wonderful as the person who writes it is beautiful...and is just as thought provoking. One of the few really bright lights out there in the bloggosphere.She is a dear friend and Dear Readers, give this one a look or two:

Speaking of friends, this is another one I am looking at due to the writer being from my former neck of the woods...that being the NYC region

Plus he and I have our respective rock backgrounds in common...Enjoy!!!


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