Wednesday, March 22, 2006

United 93 - Someone in Hollyweird may have finally gotten it

Folks, it looks as though someone in lala land where political correctness prevents anyone from calling any group an enemy unless they are conservative or mainstream may have gotten it through their thick heads. This evening, one of those entertainment programs aired a preview clip for a movie dealing with Flight 93 which is due for release later this spring.

That was the flight that fought back on 9/11. Where we have the now famous saying that even Bush and friends used on the deck of a carrier ['Let's Roll']. Where ordinary people who were as different as you and I became one for one cause, to make sure those bastards who killed the pilots and some of the crew did not reach their target.

Now I know there will be a few of you reading this who will say that we do not need to be reminded of what happened on 9/11, because it may stir up hatred for those in this country who are of middle east descent or those who practice Islam. All I can say to those people is: get over it. Whether you like it or not, those folks are the enemy and we do need to be reminded of that fact. If the PC crowd had their way, we never would have had those films that were made during WWII that featured caricatures of our enemies then. The Germans, the Japanese -- they were the subject of the product of some of the brightest minds in the entertainment industry at that time. Names such as Chuck Jones, Tex Avery, Isidor Freleng, Richard DePatie, Frank Capra, Segar [the creator of Popeye the Sailor] and others created films and cartoons to remind us of who the US was at war with.

Now it is time that the internet generation does same. To remind ourselves that there is a reason why there are soldiers, airmen and marines overseas. And like with what happened with Pearl never forget the event and to not let those who made the ultimate sacrifice have that just go by the wayside.


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