Friday, January 27, 2006

So many things that happened, so many jerks...too few who are doing the right thing

Maybe it is just the fact that I live in one of the politically correct nexi of the US that has me more than suspicious and leary of those who are trying to force the left leaning agenda on the country, but there has been just a little too much weirdness going on. Like for example, momma moonbat, ooops Cindy Sheehan announcing that she may run for the senate in California.

Or how about those friends of the common man[tongue in cheek] Ted Kennedy and John Kerry saying they will attempt to stop the senate vote on Samuel Allito's appointment to the Supreme Court because he, supposedly was a full member of group at Princeton that was not crazy about affirmative action. And those two surround thenselves with a 'diverse' group of people? Kennedy's idea of anything mixed is light rum mixed with a cola, and he is no better than the other democrats who want to stall the vote. But I digress, after all some of them will be voted out of office soon enough.

There have been other bits of madness too: teachers still begging for more money to bne given to the schools [even though it is courtesy of their unions that most of the funding is wasted], the NYC Transitwokers union may strike again [heaven help those bastards if they do], GM and Ford announcing massive layoffs even though the ones who came up with the 'genius plans' to bring those firms back to prosperity have not been canned, Hollyweird and their friends showing they are still way the hell out of touch with reality and of course the hype leading up to the Holy Grail of football greed...the Super Bowl.

With very few exceptions, the next few days will remind us how 'big' a game the SB 'will be', how 'wonderful' Detroit is as a host city, how kind their mayor is, etc. If Detroit is really that nice a place to go to in the dead of winter, how come this is only the second time the big game has been played there? Hmmmm?

Not all is bad in this world. Before I close this let me mention there have been reports [most recently on 60 Minutes] that the land of Bob and Doug McKenzie, Rush and William Shatner...ooops I mean Canada is sitting on top of what may be the largest untapped oilfield in the Western Hemishpere. Enough oil to help keep our economy [yes, Canada's too]humming and going for 100 years WITHOUT having to be at the mercy of Sheik Yerbouti. Granted this oil is mixed in with sand, but can be extracted with technology that is just around the corner or being used on an experimental basis, However once this oil starts flowingperhaps then the US can get back to what we do best, meaning our industries can turn out the products that we know we can and that at one time were the envy of the planet.


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