Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Just when we thought the moonbats had 'retired'

If one likes stupidity with their politics, then they have to like what Mayor Ray Nagin has said about what 'god intended' for New Orleans to be. The entire tape of his latest statements can be found at the ABC NEWS website . Just amazing...and while we are speaking about amazing...

While each person should, if they have control [by the concept of free will] of how they want to handle their ultimate demise, what the Supreme Court did today in their ruling on Doctor Assisted Suicide could very well open some rather ugly doors. Suppose someone is suffereing from a very deep form of depression or has a severe form of arthritis or is a senior citizen whose medical issues could very well become a burden on the persons' family or the state wanted to take an easy way out? A less than ethical doctor could very well not treat this person in full and give the person a prescription for meds which will cease life functions once and for all. This sadly could also be turned into something we have not seen done as an 'industry' since WWII, which is how the Nazis started their version of this. First with mentally and physically infirmed then those who were deemed 'parasites' and then it snowballed.

On the more socially [convenient and] sinister side could be a situation that was mentioned by Harry Harrison in his book Make Room, Make Room better known by the movie it spawned called Soylent Green. Yes, it may sound slightly pollyannish so say that things may be headed in that direction, however the technology that was mentioned in this movie does exist [for the large euthenasia facility, that for the conversion of human tissue into those 'soylent' crackers is there, in theory..at least according to the consultants who worked on the movie], but some said that what happened in Germany, under Pol Pot and other despots could not happen either. More of an example of how life has been viewed or made to seem cheaper by society.

As a postscript to this, apparently some of this, via gene manipulation has started: if this article is correct . Perhaps the world becoming like Hannibal Lecter is not that far away then.


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