Saturday, December 31, 2005

And the winners is.....

FOlks, the winner of the 'moonbat of the year award' is.[Drum roll or Guy Lombardo and the Royal Canadians, please!!]....THE MEDIA!!

Be it television, radio, print or even opn the net, the media in all its forms and guises has become the spawning ground for innacuracy even in the face of natural [Hurricane Katrina or the Portland Ice Storm Event]] or unnatural disasters [The NYC Transit Strike], pushing forward the PC agenda, making garbage look as though it is a great invention that it will save the world as well as making the hollyweirdoes look more important than they are in the grand scheme of things.

Not all of it was bad; after all there were those in this industry who showed class and had left the field [Ted Koppel due to retirement, Peter Jennings, sadly died of cancer] or stayed around to remind us of how the job should be done [Bob Schiefer of CBS for one]. So all is not lost; even with the Howard Sterns, Hip-Hop radio stations, entertainment upon entertainment programs where no talent persons try to hawk rehashed and copied works, sports programs which show better living through chemistry, etc. Remember folks, there is an option if all the BS that is being created by these weasels gets a little much. Turn it off or use logic to balance out the crap. Moonbats do not win a damn thing against those who have indepedent minds.

And Have a Happy New Year, may the next one be a damn sight better than this one.


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