Sunday, December 18, 2005

OMG!! We have a winter storm event!!!!

Portlanders are seriously nuts. This weekend we have had ice, some snow, sleet that DUSTED the area. Yes, dusted like that sugar on the cop specials over at Dunkin Doughnuts.

With that said, we have been the victim of the 'Ice Stoem of 05'. Don't believe me, check out the local FOX station . I have lived in cities like Minneapolis and Rochester, Ny where this would be laughed at. Where REAL SNOW would have to be SEVERAL FEET on the ground before cancelling anything would be considered. If this was ever a reason for a city government to be overturned and have some folks with real stones voted in, this is it. The other hippie-dippy crap is part of that but this is the capper.

Before I run, as I write this, there have been drifts in the city of up to 8 inches because of the wind. 8 Inches is not even enough to call in for a measurement in Pop Warner football for a first down. This is Portland, Oregon though, land of the eco-terrorists and near the land of dear old Spotty the Owl.


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