Wednesday, December 07, 2005

And one of the nominees for Moonbat/Idiot of the year is...

Howard Dean. Dr. Strangegov. Mr 'I have a Scream'
The type of person who makes Chris 'HARDBALL' Matthews look normal and Tim 'It's Sunday, in the fall, it's Meet the Press, GO BILLS!' Russert salivate at the thought of interviewing this punk. Yes he who had his mutant spawn, I mean 'Deanie Babies' spread the word about his version of the party.

If only because this moron has singlehandedly taken the Dems from some form of respectability to a level of respect reserved for the worst sports organizations, he is one of my choices for not just moonbat of the year but also to be hung in effigy. No I do not mean a small town outside of Des Moines.

There are others who deserve mention (and they have been discussed in rather sharp detail in previous posts) but I am starting with the man whose leadership has all but insured that the leadership of the US will be in the right hands. There are a few decent Democrats out there who have not been stung by the taint of the extreme liberal wing of the party, but they are far and few between.

Keep watching this space because there will be others before the end of the year.


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