Friday, December 02, 2005

'Ol' Sparky' must be happy! 1000 down, more to go.

You must be wondering, 'who is Old Sparky?'. Well let me give you a hint: Ted Bundy. Yep Sparky was the electric chair that was used in the Florida State Prison System to send the worst of the worst to eternal sleep with a nice old-fashioned shock to the system.

And why would Sparky be happy today? Due to the fact that one of his kin was used to put this creep, Kenneth Boyd to death. His crime was
murder, which is what this penalty is for. Take a life and guess what kiddies? This is the prize that waits: via lethal injection, hanging or firing squad. That is grand prize for capital murder.

Now there are those out there who have siad this is inhuman, wrong, barbaric and have advocated for the end to capital punishment. Add to this that some say this makes us no better than the Chinese or even the Russians and their gulags. Don't believe the hype, dear readers because those assertions are not even close to true. If we were as bloodthirsty as those anti-death penalty moonbats claim we are, we would be executing people around the clock for even the smallest of crimes. Secondly we would not have the long appeals process for the convicted persons that is in place in all of the US. Even the weird and wacky ACLU will admit to that one.

In the name of full disclosure, there have been mistakes made in the application of the penalty either by overzealous prosecutors, inept defense attorneys or judges who just went a little too far. No system is perfect and ours is far from it. But overall there are the checks and balances that are in place, so in the overwhelming majority of the cases if the person has committed the act, he has gotten the sentence he deserved.

Here is something to consider, epecially those reading this who see the death penalty as being cruel and unusual punishment: Have you thought about the victims of these animals? Do yourself a favor and read about them and how they suffered ? Take a moment to digest the data, look at the pictures and read about the families of those who were left behind. It may not sway the most hardcore of those who want this penalty removed, but it may just give you pause to contemplate that such measures are needed.


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