Saturday, November 19, 2005

Are you pondering what I'm pondering?

In case you are wondering, no you did not stumble on another fan page for 'Pinky and The Brain'. It is just that this has been one of those weeks where weirdness has reigned in so many corners, if there were to be awards for 'Ultimate Pinhead This Week' the choices would be difficult. But yours truly is not without her own list, so here goes:

-The US Congress. Yep the same ones who have helped to make Washington DC: 'First In War, First in Peace and last in the American League (that was when there was a baseball team there called the Washington Senators many years ago) can replace the last item in the list with 'Last in logic'. Why? This is due to the current spate of blatant dissention that is coming from them about the war in Iraq. In particular, Congressman John Murtha. All that needs to be said here is 'Hey Sparky, just because you served in the Marines and have been in the House long enough to remember gas being .05 Cents a gallon does not give you the right to demand that we have an exact exit date for the troops.' Anyone with a borderline room temperature IQ can tell you never, ever give the enemy the leg up and asking for a date when we will be out will give the scum of the earth enough time to plan their next series of nefarious deeds.

-Sticking with the DC area, another one on my list is PBS. To be honest, it does have its place; many of us liked 'Sesame Street' or Mr. Rogers Neighborhood' when we were younger, much younger; for grownups the early versions of 'NOVA' or reruns of programs from the BBC (and for me, they did score a few points with the airing of the Moody Blues Live at Red Rocks with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra). But these days they have become more or less the Chicken Little Network because of programs like NOWwith David Brancaccio who took over from the programs' creator, Bill Moyers. Each week it seems that instead of investigative jounalism, they stay on the leftist side of the street, saying that anything that comes out of corporate America or any other part of the industrialized world is EVIL!!! EVIL!!. Does not matter who it is, if one is a capitalist, they are the anti-society, anti-human. Truly pinhead material.

-The producers of the morning network 'news' (HA,HA,HA!) programs deserve a mention here, as well as a special 'pinhead award', due to the fact that they have now become more or less, organs for fluff but also where some folks try to extend their 15 minutes of fame. After all, how many times can you sit through 'Apprentice' or 'Survivor' rejects or see reports about omnidevices? 'Omni' as in those items that can do everything from spinning ones favorite CD to cooking a rotisserie chicken in less than 90 minutes to making julienne fries. With the time of year being what it is, there is more of this to come.

Of course there are others who deserve mention in this space and over time, they will get their due. There is one company I would like to mention though as needing to get a 'shout out' in this column. That is those lovely folks from Kodak. Now why should they be on this page you may be asking yourself? I am glad you asked because it all has to do with the fact that the company that had given the world the means to get into phtography with just a small metal box (Instamatics, Brownies and the like) made a decision over the past couple years to leave that end of the business like some kids leave the prom early for hotel room dates. That is right, they feel that digital imaging [another way of saying 'digital photography'] will be the only way to go. Hence while the stores still have Kodak film on the shelves, in the next few couple years those wlll disappear.

All of this is rather odd because their competitors; Konica, Fuji and AGFA are still making film, as well as digital supplies available to all; including old hands like me who still prefer to have a hard copy of a pic we have taken with a camera. And contrary to what Kodak thinks, digital cameras cannot capture all of the colors that do exist; along with the shadings and all that is in-between. Sorry, but '100100010001' in pixel-speak is not the same as having the gradations of color. (Although the AGFA site has an explanation of how their product shows real colors, the same can be applied to Fuji because it is very similar in structure and outcome)


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