Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Why is it that the folks who sponsor that 'Rainbow Flag' so gosh darn vanilla?

Now that I have gotten your attention with the title, let's start this one out with a little tale. 'Once upon a time...' an airline; in this case United decided to paint their planes with what they had termed were 'world colors'. That meant red, blue, green and others against a background of aircraft carrier grey. From what was mentioned in their news releases, this was to show that good old UAL not only served all of the continents on the planet; but employed and embraced the concept of (here comes that word again) "diversity". If truth be known, they do-anyone who does not believe that; remember the listing of those who were killed on 9/11, in particular the crew of Flight 93 and you get the idea.

Unlike how United does business, while the gay community and its sponsors seem to in their media presentations want the world to see a rainbow flag, but put forth a media image that would look too close to the world of the 50's suburbs. As in, let's say the battle over gay marriage. One does not need to look very carefully at the footage from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and the rest to see that the landscape of the protestors looks like the top of Everest or Mt Hood. Nary any persons of color at all which would make any person with a brain wonder why this is the case, especially since they are the same ones who use as a symbol a flag that supposedly represents all people, all stripes, religions etc.

I can offer up a couple theories for this and while theories, they do have a ring of truth in them. The first being is that they want to create a media image that can be sold outside of their home hotbeds of the east and left, I mean west coast. After all they do not want the image of the pride parades to be what folks in Witchita or Ames see, so they need things to match what those target populations are (by the by, I am using those two cities as examples, in actual point of fact, Witchita and Ames are MORE DIVERSE than the standard pride parade).

Now the second theory will probably get a few folks wanting to get my address and throw bricks or even firebombs. It seems that since most of what does go on for those in the pride bunch is more often than not centered around sex, they only see blacks and others 'of color' as being equals in the bedroom or any other place they want to practive their version of horizontal enrichment, but not any place else. Sounds controversial? You betcha, but the sexual myths have been around for years and was the basis of those legends surrounding the supposed sexual prowess of blacks and others before, during and after the civil war. No one wants to admit to that openly, but if one were to do a little digging, they would find that this attitude is still rather entrenched.

Yes there have been attempts on the part of the pride party pack to try to disway the public at large that they want to represent those of all colors. However it seems that for this is only shown when the cameras are around. At least with United, those folks can and do walk the walk and talk the talk of the rainbow. These other folks well one has a chance of seeing a more diverse crowd at a Montreal Canadiens hockey game. Then again too, those who are 'of color' should be careful of playing into the sexual stereotype as well and demand that they be treated as human beings in this. If not, then the alphabet-soupers would feel they are justified in keeping their distance; due to the fact they do not want to be associated with those whose behavior is more like Jerry Springer guests than those who can hold a rational conversation or even be included in protests for 'rights'.


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