Saturday, November 12, 2005

Peace, Love, DOPES!!!!!!!

It has been said that the 60's has had several lasting legacies. That is true, there are quite a few of them: Civil Rights legislation and the Great Society, The Space Race with the US landing on the moon in June of 1969, music which included the rise and influence of Motown and of course, The Beatles, the New York Mets pulling off the miracle win in the '69 World Series and other events. But now there is a report of another legacy from that decade; this is one we may not want to be proud of.

The CBS Evening News, Saturday Edition aired a report that the baby boomer generation that came of age during that decade is now sucumbing to the main excess of that decade at a faster rate than the rest of the population. Yep, it was the drugs, man!!! Pot, smack, heroin-you name it; these have resulted in persons who are in their 60's being admitted to rehab centers at a high rate, but the cause of their ultimate demise is not the usual, like old age. In New York City for example, treatmet groups that are being set up for these addicts are filling up as soon as they are opened.

As scary as this is, there is another wave which will hit in a few years. Let me offer a theory as to how this will come about: In addition to the children of those folks from the 60's who see drugs as not being that big a deal, there will also be the children of the inner city who were either born addicted to or were instroduced to crack and other illegal drugs that infested those communities. And as the number of folks who are going to rehab increases, the cost to coiety is going to increase, which in turn will turn an already stressed out healthcare system into a quagmire. Hence the US at a time when we need to maintain that competitve edge in industry and trade will be handicapped, by treating folks who wanted to drop out of society by either shooting up, snorting or smoking some substance. That may sound harsh, but the reality is very ugly as well as detrimental to the overall future of the country, as well as for the industialized world that tends to copy and emulate the US.

Changing the gears here, a little snooping around on the net is yielding that some of those special interest idiots are still saying that this past week's election is proof positive that the GOP is in serious trouble. Plus the 2008 election will mean the Demoncrats, I mean Democrats will, according to these folks win both houses and the White House. To these folks I will quote Aerosmith: 'Dream On'. Why? Because it is not going to happen. Not to mention the fact that what is behind the Dems and the left are organizations so extreme in their own views, that if in power they would turn this country into a twisted form of a socialist state, but one with special rights and laws for 'special' people. [Will save that list for another time]

Another thing for these folks who are in this jocular mood over this past week. Remember this headline from many years ago: "DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN!!!!!" because Dewey the morning after realized he was beaten by the man from Independence. History has a habit of repeating itself like a record with a skip.


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