Thursday, November 10, 2005

Just a few random thoughts

There have been a few items that have been rattling around the mind, so here are a few, submitted for your approval:

1. The Democrats seem to be celebrating a little too early in California after the special election where the initiatives that Arnold wanted to have passed failed. Don't these folks understand that this means that this means a continuation of the same crap that happened under Davis. which the Governator was trying to eliminate? Any wonder why big businesses are fleeing the state quicker than an uncovered Mets fan in the Wrigley Field bleachers.

2. While this one flew under the radar; Amtrak fired its boss, David Gunn. His name may not be familiar to about 98% of the planet, but he was the former head of the New York City transit system some time back and was credited with part of its turnaround during the 80's. Sadly there is a big difference between making sure the IRT Lexington Avenue Line runs on time and trying to fix a system so far in disrepair that sparkling wine is broken out if a long distance train arrives within a half hour of its scheduled time. Then again, the same thing can be said about the regular service that runs between DC and Boston.

3. No tears will be coming from this desk over Terrell Owens and his suspension for the rest of the season by the Philadelphia Eagles. At last, a team has said that enough of the whinning and bad attitudes of these spoiled brats is ENOUGH! They may not be as deadly on the field as far as their vertical game is concerend at this point, but hell they will be better off longterm in the locker room because this irritation is gone.

4. Dovetailing on that last column about the rainbow/alphabet soupers, while I am not crazy about their bland reality in spite of the flag they carry - sadly they may be on to something. If what currently shows up in daytime media is any indication (for example: that pride of Rego Park, Queens-via Cincinatti, Jerry Springer) there may {notice I said MAY} be a justification for this. After all would you want to be associated with that trash if one is trying to disprove they act like that in order to get laws favoring them passed?

5. Michael Savage is right about liberalism. For a while now he has called it a mental condition, which some have said is a joke and the man is nuts. Well if it is not a sign of bats in the belfry and the elevators not going to the top floor, why the heck is it that those mouthpieces of liberal thought and diversity (damn there went that word again!) the ACLU tend to want to defend the most looney, strange and profane of the world. It is almost as though they want the 'weird and the wacky' to be mainstream. Gee that may play in Greenwhich Village or Beserkely but in the rest of the country, hell no.

FINALLY, Let's give a late bravo and a toast with our croissants to the French Government. YAY, they are going to expell those punks who have caused the riots and problems over the past few nights. Nice to know they have gotten with the program and will send these weasels packing. Perhaps the last words these folks should have uttered to them on the plane out is 'don't come back now, you hear?'


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