Saturday, November 26, 2005

With the fest done, let all the other madness ensue...

Let's see: The Lions got beaten by the Falcons, or as was or could be said in Brooklyn, they got 'the boid', the Cowboys lost to the Broncos, dinners were capped off with pies and naps because of that funny little chemical in turkeys (l-tryptophan) and of course the day after can only mean one thing. Profits to be made, people to be pushed, cajoled, neglected and rejected. Yep the end times, I mean the end of the year is near...but not the end of observations from this outpost in PC-Land:

- For one let's hand it to the French. No this is not to laud kudos on them for Airbus or a particularly good lot of imported Brie and Roquefort, but because they finally got off their rear ends and did something that would be unthinkable in the US because of the PC nature of the society. After scenes like this , the French Parliment decided to crack down on rappers whose 'music' (now there is a laugh, it is music the same way passing gas is a sonata) is inciting the rank and file to riot. MP Francois Grosdidier is leading the charge and from this desk, it is a great thing. They are understanding that this form of noise actually can be and has been incendiary to the point that it has disrupted public order. Granted our friends on Broadcast Row want us to believe that all of France is either burning or ius about to become kindling, but fact is that the whole of the country is still intact. In any event they are taking steps before things get worse.

- Speaking of the strange nuts of the land, the moonbats are out in force again. Everyone's least favorite protest mom, Cindy Sheehan and her flock of meatheaded protestors have flown the cukoo's nest to camp out by President Bush's ranch in Crawford, Tx. Protest is fine, dissent is fine as well (as has been mentioned here and in other blogs), but when these are based on emotion and not fact it makes things and the world bad for all concerned. The protests against the Vietnam War for example may have ended up costing more lives than they claim to have 'saved' if that says anything.Think I am joking? Look it up folks, the numbers are there to back up this assertion, in more ways than one.

- In another blog on this site there was a mention of Bob and Doug McKenzie, I mean Canada attempting to improve workplace diversity by employing more 'persons of color' and that white Canadians need not apply. I will throw in my two to four cents into this to say this will not work. No the US has not been perfect as far as its track record with integrating the workforce_HOWEVER-we have also learned (with some exceptions) that the best way to hire people is bsed on their track record as well as the merits of same. Yes, I uttered the 'M' word - MERIT. And if there are two persons of equal merit for the same position and one is from a group that had not been in said same position, then by all means hire him or her. But to do this without any real checks or balances will cause problems, no matter how well intentioned.

- Well that leads into something else. Yours truly from time to time will eavesdrop or snoop in on some corners of the net and if those in Congress only knew the types of folks they have been dealing with as far as ENDA [Employee Non-Discrimination Act) were concerned, they would never ever back it. The reason why I made that stement has to do with the levels of hypocrisy that seems to rise in these folks faster than the tide did in New Orleans. No different than the trust-funder hippies who were protesting in the 60's. As soon as they were in a crowd claiming to love theiur fellow man, they ran back to their comfortable homes in the burbs away from the same people who they want to help and commune with.

Taken another way, anyone who remembers the suit against Hooters also will remember a rather ugly advertisement that the company put in several newspapers showing how crazy this suit was. Yep, it was the one of a man with a rather thick moustache wearing the skimpy company uniform. The point being made is that there are those the company hires for one particular job (waitresses) who fit a particular profile (as in the company name) and that to bend to a cuort decree would make their establishment a joke as well as cut down on business. While I am not crazy about how they do business, they are conducting their operation as they see fit and anyone who does not like it can lump it. Plus why should they (and others) be forced by law to hire anybody let alone those who are quite possibly just as narrow minded as they claim Hooters or other companies to be? (look at 98% of the literature or most of the 'celebrations' in the month of June and you will see the logic utilized here).

Finally, here is something to ponder when you are skimming through the sets with the remote and see all the 'student athletes' consder the following:

-Very few schools make money off of this as it is, Yes, there are the television contracts and the merchandising deals, but most lose money because it is a major expense. Weight rooms, ballparks, recruiting trips, scholarships and of course paying for the best coaches money can buy. Or at least rent.

-Sadly a lot of these kids who are playing now with dreams of the NFL. NFL Europe, the CFL, Arena Football League and others have a very short shelf life. Something on the order of about 2.5 to 3.5 years, depending on the position. Some will stay in the game for two decades, but that is a tribute to their work ethic.

-Lastly the original purpose of going to college is sorta lost on some of these folks in that the degree is less important as opposed to the degree of exposure they get on the gridiron. Makes what happened in the old Marx Brothers movie 'Horsefeathers' look rather tame, if not honest then in a humourous vein.

And that is it from the shores of 'Moscow on the Willemette' for now. Remember, the spotted owl you save may belong to someone else.


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