Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A few thoughts leading into this weekend

Well it is that time of year and while the meat of this post will come later...hey I thought this logo was cute. Let's give it to the Detroit Lions , no matter what has happened in the motor city (and there is plenty, as what was mentioned in the last post about good, old GM), or for that matter how bad their season has been (there should be a diehard day for those who remember the last time the Lions were in the main round of the NFL postseason and not in as a wildcard team) or their sometimes bad draft choices and the fact that they do share the fall/early winter in Motown with the rabid fans of the Red Wings , they do have the tradition of the Thanksgiving Day game and that can be a comfort in a rather strange world.

So with that said and speaking of strange, let's get to a few random postings:

-If the opposite of 'pro' is 'con', then the opposite of progress is (LOL) you got it...Congress. The poster child for the latest bit of pure insane behavior is: Jean Schmidt (R) of Ohio. The same one who you saw this weekend on tape wearing a poor copy of a US Olypmpic Gymnastic Team Uniform who went after John Murtha (D-Pennsylvania) over his comments about setting a date for the removal of of troops from Iraq. When she made he now infamous remarks about the Marine Corps , there were many boos that came in from those who were present in the chambers. Heck I was almost expecting THE MARINE: R. Lee Ermey to walk in and rip her a new one. While the floor of congress is open for any type of remarks, there is something to be said about making disparaging remarks about someone who has served in the millitary. In my book, that is just a little out of bounds.

- At the risk of beating an issue into the ground, the fact that the government is doing anything about the Katrina aftermath is amazing in itself. There has been a fictional precursor of what was to be expected in the case of a severe disaster hitting the US, in this case The Day After . For those of you who do not remember this, it was an ABC TV movie from 1983, which explored what would happen to the Kansas City area and suburbs (Lawrence, Kansas) when a nuclear war was started. In the film it was shown that in spite of the fact that FEMA had thought they were prepared for the worst to happen, they were overwhelmed by the scope of this disaster. Hence any type of recovery would take a very very long time [There is a disclaimer in this film that says the depiction of this event was mild compared to what could possibly be the case assuming a full scale nuclear war were to break out). So in effect recovering from an event like Katrina; while not in the ballpark of a full scale attack, is going to take time.

- Maybe it is just me and a few others who are in the know,
but it is strange that Michelle Malkin is not one of those who is featured prominently in the marketplace of ideas when it comes to issues affecting the black community or for that matter the world at large. Could it be that she is a conservative or one who does not fall in line and follow the 'monolith of thought' that seems to be omnipresent in the black press or that she can hold her ground with any of the mouthpieces that the media tries to throw at here when there is a (HAHAHA) debate or could it be that she just makes a hell of a lot of sense in her columns? Perhaps it is all of the above and that is too bad. Put another way, when a charlatan like Al Shaprton or a poverty pimp such as Jesse Jackson are still considered to be the (cough, cough) 'voices of reason' and those like Ms. Malkin are viewed as 'traitors to their race' there is something really wrong.

- Last on the list for now is the fact that Boeing is on the rebound! So much so that they have announced a new plane, that being the 747-8 , a longer as well as more fuel efficient version of the current 747, that being the 400 series. Plus there is no need for the airports to invest in stronger runways or even larger jetways for passengers to board and deplane the jet (Are you listening, Airbus?). Plus with all the orders, Seattle, Witchita and other cities that Boeing has a major installation can breathe and look forward to persons working.

That is it for this dispatch from the land of perpetual political correctness, I mean Portland, Oregon. Remember folks this weekend, piss off PETA and eat a turkey!!!


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