Tuesday, November 29, 2005

And now from the wide world of sports (and other points east)

No folks, I have not gone nuts, but something about the sports world has taken my mind off of the moonbats (led by momma moonbat, Cindy Sheehan) are still wanting to attack President Bush over the Iraq War; the annual 'bachanalia of greed' (thanks to the late Jean Shepherd for that one) that has begun and the usual worries about bills and my cats trying to get outside to kill off the local bird population. So let's take a little spin around and see what is doing:

- The ownership of the Detroit Lions has lived up to the motto of its owners, the Ford Motor Company. Yep we all know the joke: FORD = Found On Road Dead and it seems as though they are now roadkill. This past Thursday, before a national TV audience and over 60,000 plus at Ford Field, the Lions were royally roasted by the Atlanta Falcons which resulted in Steve Mariucci being fired this past Monday. Fredo Corleone was bumped off with more class than how Lion management removed Steve from his post. Come to think of it, they really did not take responsibility for their actions leading up to the failure of the Lions with their good draft choices to progress beyond mediocrity..

If I may, let me suggest someone for the Motor City Kitties to consider bringing in to try to bring the team back to some sort of stability:
Lindy Infante
. Yes there are others out there: Mouse Davis, anyone with the last name of Saban, the students of Bill Walsh but the reason why Lindy comes to mind is because he was one of the originators (along with the Mouse) of an offense called the 'run and shoot'. It goes by several other names: gun and shoot, flood, empty backfield, spread, modified shotgun - no matter what it is called he was one of those who figured out a way of allowing a team to take advantage of a group of fast receivers with quick patterns. Granted the teams he coached were not known for their defense, but hey - that can be made up for later on. The fans are there to see scoring and to see the team win. And defense really does not matter if the winning team scores more points than the loser *S*

- Under ordinary circumstances, the next item would almost be considered a joke. It was recently announced that Kansas City was awarded a Super Bowl sometime in the next 10 years contingent on if they can put a roof over good old Arrowhead Stadium. Yeah, yeah I know this is not going to increase the chances of world peace or that weapons will be bulldozed into plowshares, but while it is a cool idea to give this game to a city that has a rich history in the game, something about this does not seem to add up. And that has to do with the roof design.

When this complex was first proposed, that being the twin ballparks for the Royals and the Chiefs, there was the idea of having a mobile roof for the stadia so that if there was rain or snow, it could be moved into place and the fans would be kept dry. A concept that was quite a few years ahead of its time, as has been seen with Le Dome Sky in Toronto and Reliant Field in Houston (the baseball ones like Safeco Field are legion now). But to get the big, big game the original roof on rails is going to be modified to be 'climate controlled'.

Now for a little inside info on this project: it may not happen and it has nothing to do with the architects or the engineering (HOK Sport if I am correct is going to be in on this) but it is the cost. My spies in the KCMO area have mentioned that the big hangup is the fact that the counties around the ballpark as well as the state are balking at the idea. In some places this would be seen as corporate welfare or as a greedy owner extorting the region, the usual. However in this case it can also be seen as an investment and something that will keep the area on the map. They need it because the Royals are sure as heck not doing it.

Put another way: if done the right way, this will be a landmark in KC like the BBQ joints (I know of a few there from years back) or the Jazz District (remeber folks, Charlie Parker was from there), the stockyards and the home of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum (if it were not for the Buck O'neills or Satchel Paiges who were a part of this league, people like the Barry Bonds', Ken Griffey-Jr.s' would not be where they are, let alone Jackie Robinson would not have broken the line when he did)

One last post on the subject matter: if this is the last season that Brett Farve plays for the Packers, then we have been treated through the years to a rarity in this day of greed and self importance. Yes there are the Peyton Mannings who are cut from the same cloth. but they are the exception. Then again too, Farve is in the right place because Green Bay seems to have a legacy of those who while they were big in the game, were just as regular as the townfolks who come out to see them come rain or snow or even bad seasons.


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