Friday, December 09, 2005

San Fransicklo has lost it!!!

Here is another one that defies description: PC gone mad.

With that, here is something that needs to be said: The mayor of SF either needs to be recalled in an election or be placed in front of a firing squad. Yes, it has been said here, a public official in the US deserves to be given the same treatment as Gary Glimore or even a millitary traitor.

And why not? Fact is he has turned the city from not just a PC island into a PC cesspool. And if one says anything, ANYTHING to offend, even in jest, they can be fired from a city position and face the wrath of the Demonazis who run the place. Humour has left the building along with Elvis replaced with having to walk on eggshells.

Just goes to show that the PC agenda has gotten way the heck out of hand.


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