Thursday, December 08, 2005

More nominees, more moonbats, more madness!!!

Hey folks, the list of those for Moonbat of the Year just grows! In addition to the last one of motormouth, I mean Howard Dean, there are these deserving individuals:

- Momma Moonbat, I mean Cindy Sheehan. There is not one person who is going to begrudge her because of her loss, the loss of a family member is never anything to razz, ridicule or criticize someone over. Period. Especially when the loss happened in service to this country. But it is her anti-war activities that may be giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Protesting and objecting to government policies is ok and in fact is a tradition here, however to demand that we leave end our efforts because we are hurting the poor 'freedom fighters' in Iraq just borders on the insane.

- The current 'black leadership' and their calls of 'genocide' in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Let's see if I have this correct: a natural occurance of weather such as a hurricane is an instrument of the 'evil white republican government' whose only purpose is to attack and wipe out a city with a majority black population like New Orleans; and the the government would be lax in their rescue and recovery efforts because of this said same population. Yeah, right. If this were the case, than the tornadoes that happen to rip through the I-35 corridor are predetermined to eliminate the white folks who happen to live in the small towns and trailer parks along the way.

What these chowderheads who are complaining about the response fail to remember is that the city is BELOW SEA LEVEL and a hurricane or other natural disaster of a sizeable power would come in and possibly wipe the city out. Also the current mayor and most of the city council (who happen to be black by some strange coincidence) had this information in hand for a while and could have spent money or petitioned the federal government to stregnthen the levies. Or for that matter take a look at Holland to see how they are dealing with the same issue. BUT NOOOOOOO! None of that happened and now these folks are claiming that the aftermath of Katrina is some sort of plot. And this is about as legitimate as the chances of finding Jimmy Hoffa in the north end zone of Giants Stadium.

-PBS. They are on the radar here again because of there being no mention, whatsoever on their airways about what December 7th of this year was the anniversary of. That is just plain inexcuseable, reprehensible and goes to show once again that political correctness is still worming its sneaky, underhanded way into the society to turn the US and the world into a joke.

- San Francisco. Need I say anymore?

- The Rainbow Alphabet-soupers. As has been mentioned at this site before, these are the same ones who want to claim they represent a rainbow of ideals, persuasions and personal expression, but they tend to be oh so vanilla when it comes down to how they present themselves. Perhaps it just says that some folks are just rainbow enough to belong, while others are supposed to sit in the back of the bus -- so to speak.

There are other deserving persons and orgnaizations so look again for them over the next few days.


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