Monday, December 12, 2005

Michelle Malkin gets it, I get it, why the heck does not anyone else?

One of my favorite people, Michelle Malkin has stated in her blog what research by myself and a few others has confirmed. The moonbats were wrong, missed the mark COMPLETELY as far as the deaths caused by Hurricane Katrina.

Many of you will recall that the news after Katrina struck was laced with reports that the vast majority of those who died in the wake of the storm were black. It seems these folks may also have had a copy of the paper that reads 'DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN!' Why do I say that?? This is due the the fact that the record keepers at the St. Gabriel Morgue have compiled the numbers. In their count, blacks and whites who perished were practically EQUAL in number. When translated to straight English, this means that once again, the media as well as the 'so-called' black leadership had already taken their 'hype-the-lie' pills.

Why is it I have a feeling that these folks are also going to create a similar set of false numbers around the number and race statistics of the soldiers who have died in the Iraq war? Then again, they may be lying in wait for the right time to spring this, like when the GOP has its convention or the months leading up to it.


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