Friday, December 09, 2005

Bill Clinton Strikes Again..and in this case twice

There he is. William Jefferson Clinton, former president of the US who has proven that even after they leave the office, ex-CEO's of the most powerful country on earth can still influence people -- and in his case, cause damage. Not just in one speech, but also in a ghost that is now living after him.

Let's deal with the speech first. 'Slick Willie' said at a
conference sponsored by the UN on climate issues that President Bush is wrong in saying that if the US were to abide by the Kyoto Treaty that it would hurt our economy. As is typical of many democrats, in and out of office, Clinton has his facts wrong. To sign and uphold the treaty would not only stifle the economy stateside, but also send this country into a deeper recession than already exists.(SIDEBAR - In spite of the latest reports from the Fed about some job growth and an increase in spending as well as housing starts, the US is still in the middle of stagnant period. Yes we are moving from an industrial economy to more of a service based one, however as an unintended consequence many companies have shed jobs with no intention of restoring or creating those with the same pay levels. But this started long before Bush the younger became president).

Not that anyone here wants to run amuck with using the resources that exist, but if the facts were known, the largest polluters or the fastest growing ones are not the US and the West. They are such places as China, India and other 'emerging' economies. Anyone who does not believe that should consider the following: China right now is on a tear to end up using more fuel (per barrel), per capita than the US, with environmental laws that would make Love Canal look like NYC's Central Park. As for India, in spite of their investments and funding by outsourceing firms here in the US still has major, intense pollution problems. Yet Countries like these will not have to cease their growth under this treaty, but the US, Britain, France and many others would have to because the west is still considered to be the big bad economic and environmental bullies on the block. Sad really.

As for the aforementioned ghost, this has to do with events that led up to 9/11. If this report is accurate, it is very very possible that the Clinton Adminstration may have had a hand in creating the conditions that culminated in that particular day. If you wonder how this conclusion was arrived at, it has to do with the fact that during the two terms of Billy the C that the budget for intelligence and counter intelligence (as well as equipment for same) was cut. Not only that, but instead of relying on good, old fashioned on the ground intel, we relied on more and more electronic survellience. There is nothing wrong with using all the latest spyware gadgets, but to cut the funding and assume that the country and its borders would still be safe was and is foolhardy, if not just illogical.

Has Clinton ever mentioned that there may have been mistakes made that may have been one of the catalysts of 9/11? No. Will he ever do so? Probably not. After all, the incidents and the deaths occured on someone else's watch, not his so he will be able to walk away from this like he did from the Lewinsky affair.

Seeing that the above is the case, Bill Clinton is now on the list of moonbat nominees. ( I would nominate Hillary in this, but she is a seperate category of moonbat)


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