Monday, December 19, 2005

Hooray for the Bengals...and other things.

There is some good news in this world and in this case, it is from the paws of some big cats. Props and kudos to coach Marvin Lewis and the Cincinnati Bengals. As of Sunday 12/18, they won their first division title in ages and will play a home game in the playoffs for the first time since 1991. This one is way the heck overdue and since cats rule here, Go Bengals!!!

Now on to the other weirdness that was mentioned in the last posting. The non event is over. Yes, Virginia the city of Portland has called off the emergency and everything [except for our LRT system also known as the MAX ]
is back to abnormal. This means coffee stands are being filled with baristas and coffee swilling yuppies, malls occupied with those who want to stand in line just for a video game on their child's list, Pioneer Courthouse Square has the usual bunch of brats hanging out with 'nothing to do', planes going in and out of PDX with no delay [it was odd that the sleet and rain caused cancellations of flights until this morning, considering that pilots actually TRAIN for this type of situation in those sims are their respective bases] and the busses have no chains on them because -- surprise, surprise -- there is no ice or snow to cause them to slip and slide worse than an iron on a shirt laced with starch. Of course, this is just the lull until there is another call for the banner 'ICE STORM OF 05' on the local news.

We can all thank goodness we are not in NYC at this point and more about their mess will be posted later on. Besides, the potential transit strike there has created more candidates for 'Moonbat of the Year'.


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