Thursday, December 22, 2005

Break out the MadDog 2020, the strike is over...OR IS IT?

Could it be, have the moonbats who have brought the NYC Transit system to a halt come to their senses? The breaking news is the strike is OVER . Apparently the negotiations will be ongoing while service is immediately restored. [This is assuming of course that the rank and file are going to listen to reason here and understand that if they do not, well the devil is in the details of how their representatives thinks]

Speaking of the High Exalted Mystic Rulers, the leadership of the TWU is going to be in court later today to face the music and fines. All the fines, fines, fines, fines, fines LOL! [With apologies to Dr. Seuss]If there is any justice in this world, these folks are going to be hit hard for doing to New York City what the mob would do to any business that wants 'protection'.

Just to shift gears here, the Winter Weather Emergency [aka Storm Watch '05] is over. Actually, it was over Monday when nature did something that all the Mayor's horses and all the Mayor's men could not. That was thaw everything out so by midweek this area was back to its gray, overcast self. And Portlanders can worry about other things, like the prices of lattes at the coffee bar, ordering designer pizzas and 'microbrewed' beers in the Pearl District and wondering why with all of Paul Allen's money the Trailblazers stink so bad they could knock a buzzard off a dung heap. In short, like NYC, things are back to abnormal.


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