Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The striking moonbats have no support...YAY!!!!!!

No doubt you have heard or seen images of the NYC transit strike. Yes, the persons [I am being kind here] who are protesting faile to understand that not only is this action illegal, but the international governing body of their union has told them not to do this. But did these mental midgets listen? NOOOOOOOO!

One of the ongoing mantras that has been spouted by these folks is that the mayor of NY, Michael Bloomberg is lieing about the city losing $400 million dollars per day. Well these folks may have something; it is just that this figure is going to be MUCH HIGHER per day because of the following:

- When people are not going to work, they do not purchase goods and services from businesses that are open. Included in the prices of these goods and services are TAXES that go towards paying for the basics in the city. As in Police, Fire, Sanitation, Road Maintenance and -- TADA! -- MASS TRANSIT.

- Due to the fact that city now has to use more and more police to maintain order on the streets [traffic flow and other items], this will cost the city in overtime. This is in addition to the 12 hour shifts they were ordered to put in because of the strike.

- Tourist money is going to be lost and at this time of year it is very critical. Yep, even the stores on 5th Avenue that have been 'going out of business' since 1972 count on the tourist trade. As does Broadway, Macy's Bloomingdale's, Sak's Fifth Avenue and the home of the neatest toy displays in NYC in December; FAO Schwarz. And there is of course, Broadway that counts more on tourists to fill the seats and the traditional displays over at Rockefeller Center [all the businesses there from the street level roasted chsstnut vendor to the 3 and 4 star restaurants nearby count on the out of town money as well as the denizens of the city].

When the above and other factors are added up, the city will be bleeding red ink for a while to recover. At the risk of bringing in 9/11 here which took a while to recover from, the same thing will here. That is to say that a recovery will be slow for some businesses. Those with deep pockets will be able to handle it, others...that remains to be seen.

One last item: that moonbat Toussaint said there was no Federal government support for mass transit. To this I say BULL! Not only is this bastard an idiot, but he and his cronies have no handle on the facts of the case. If one wants to see where the funding is going and how much is appropriated look here .

One last thought on this: to those who say this strike is about repsect consider the following: respect is earned, not given out like flyers from a carnival barker. The ones who are striking have only earned the contempt of their fellow New Yorkers, as well as others in the US who are paying attention to this debacle.

UPDATE: According to WINS-AM , the Grand Poobah of the union has announced that this strike will last INDEFINITELY until all of their demands are met. Way to go, Einstein. This will really go over well with all of the folks who are walking to work over the Brooklyn Bridge and others in the middle of the night to get to work before 9am.


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