Thursday, January 05, 2006

PBS may have gotten it right for once

What is going to be said here in this post may anger some people, especially those PC idiots who say we should understand the culture of the enemies of the US. If you are a part of that crowd, close this window or if you have the cajones to read on, you will understand why this has a rather terse and viceral tone.

There is an extra episode of Frontline called 'Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero' which talks to those who survived or are the surviving relatives of those from the attacks on 9/11 and their views on religion and whether or not God was present on that day. As well as why did he allow for people to have been murdered in the way they were. Even though I am not very religious myself, I can see how some of these folks who did suffer those losses have a view that they were abandoned on that day by the acts of a group of thugs.

It is here where the blood gets boiling. To be extremely blunt, President Bush should have done the world a favor on that day or in the days after by sending a radiation based, megaton message to the arab world. Put another way, we should have wasted those countries. Wiped them off the map, send them to their own version of heaven with a nuclear sendoff. If that sounds rather harsh, cruel and mean spirited, tell me or any other American that you would not be moved to the same thought if you saw the film and still photos of people who were jumping out of the windows of 1 and 2 WTC. Or for that matter, the children who were murdered on those planes, who did not do anything to deserve their lives being cut short by a bunch of towelheaded scumbags.

Truman did the right thing by signing the order for use to drop the A-Bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki to send a message: 'mess with the US and you will get your collective asses kicked and burned'. Bush the younger would do the world a favor by emulating what the man from Independence did.


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