Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Memo to Fairfield, Connecticut: FREE LEWIS THE CAT!!!!!

It has been mentioned here before that yours truly loves cats. After all, I live with two feline friends by the names of Rachel and Marissa. Like most cats they will on occassion scratch and bite, but that is part of how they play and in the case of how Rachel was adopted, the greeting I got from her was a bite and her tongue on my fingers. Did I hold that against her? Heck fact she and I along with Marissa [and before that the late, great Margaret the Momcat] are the best of friends. [See the last post in this blog, they are music fans!!!]

So imagine my surprise when I logged on to the net and saw the story about
Lewis the Cat . In the semi-civil hamlet of Fairfield, Ct. some people are having a fit over the fact that there is a cat in one neighborhood who, if the neighbors are to be believed, is acting like a terrorist. Attacking people at random, even the Avon Lady. To look at him, even if he were to scratch anyone, Lewis looks as though he could not do any real damage to anyone. Even if is a 6-toed cat, big deal.

But these people have lost their minds in response to this problem. The cat has been egged, had water sprayed on him but the coup de gras has been the fact that he and his human have now got a temporary restraining order placed on them. Yep, the cat has to now be kept inside by order of the police. I will not belittle the cops on this one, but I will say this about the neighbors. This is just another example of people with way too much damn time on their hands and too quick to resort to tactics that are better used on real crooks. Like gangbangers or the overly cheerful high school pep squad.

By the by, in the name of full disclosure, two points: One is that when I lived in Brooklyn many years back, on our block there was a little white cat who ironically was named Lewis. He was the ambassador of the block, greeted everyone with a meow and when I would walk to the subway, he would greet me and slap my hadnd with his paw -- a way of 'giving someone five'. He did not attack anyone, he was being friendly and a lot of cats are like this , no different than let's saya dog giving a friendly bark.

The second point is seeing I have mentioned Rachel and Marissa before, here is their pic. Like Lewis, they would not go out of their way to harm anyone. Then again too, cats are no different than most humans, they will let you know right off the bat if they like or cannot stand the person in question...and they can just be plain playful.


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