Wednesday, October 29, 2008

One knows when they have arrived in this life when...

Every now and then, there are these little signals that come from completely out of the blue that in their own way, offer evidence that in some way shape or form someone has at long last come to a point in their journey. And in this case, I have an errand run to Target to thank for this...

Yesterday, I was getting my meds refilled and doing my usual, which was shopping for some cosmetics while playing air guitar bass to a live Reniassance disc. [By the way I should mention at this point what the illness was that hit your faithfull correspondent was a combo of congestive heart failure, primary kidney failure, fluid logged lungs and a longterm battle with gout. As has been mentioned in a previous post, luck and something from other places helped prevent yours truly from cashing in her chips a little too early...good thing to...there is someone who I want to meet before then...but that is another story]. In any event, on the store, a lovely senior male yelled at me:

'Hey Red!!!You want to know why redheads are so great? Blondes may have more fun, brunettes may be hot as heck, but redheads do things so well they make you forget the other two!!!!'

I darn near lost it there laughing!! OF all things he said this in front of his wife, who was a blonde....but he and I were both laughing like mad. This was a scream...but it also said 'Rhea, you are now home kid, you can rest for a little while....'

And from the 'Let's Hope this crap is over soon' Department: the home stretch is near, this silly season of campaigns is winding down and we can soon get back to what is really important. Like why is it that the rest of the NFL took this long to figure out Peyton Manning? How in hell Bud Selig is still the commisioner of Major League Baseball? When are the Moody Blues going to release another album? Will the Boeing strike ever end? What exactly is it with hockey moms? Will Eastern Airlines ever reform?

The answers to those and other questions at some later point, True Believers!!!

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