Thursday, November 27, 2008

A few thoughts to ponder this weekend

Hello there True Believers and Constant Followers!!

Well it is that time of year, what in the US and other countries is the beginning of that bachanalia of greed....the holiday season. Not that I have anything against it, far from the case. In fact when I lived in New York City, the standard joke was this was the only time of year that the city was actually NICE to one another. Yes this even includes on that mass conveyance of city commerce, the subway [or the NYC tubes for those of you across the pond]. There are fond memories of that time; going to the parade, hanging out at Rockefeller Center to witness the lighting of the tree and of course looking in the store windows at their displays. On the latter, that is what I really loved, the animation, the imagination and then....the model trains. Be thei Lionel, Bachmann or Maarklin....these were amazing to watch. Especially those in the windows of the main branch of FAO Schwartz. There was something about seeing 027, HO and N layouts operating with an efficiency that would only be witnessed in many of the real life transit systems in Switzerland. It was a time to dream....perhaps Santa Claus would deliver something similar under the tree. Or if the very least maybe some money to maybe to purchase some track, a new locomotive, passenger car or freight car for the layout. It was also a time for wishes to be made....not unlike now - and in that vein..

- I do have a rather simple wish and that is to be with the person who I am smitten with, deeply love and would move heaven and earth to be with. If you have read this blog off and on with its recent updates, you know there is someone out there whose visage and words [yes it seems we read each others thoughts in a sense ...or at least view each others's blogs] have hit the heart here like a thunderbolt. Again because I prefer to use discretion here, I will not mention her name but God and the universe knows that this is my fondest wish and desire [outside of good health for myself and my cats, shelter and good friends to share this journey with] to meet talk and be with her...for no other reason than out of love. While to some of you this may sound like I have been reading Cyrano De Bergerac several times too often, there is a strong comparisson between that famous fictional romantic and yours truly. If you know the book and the legend....then you will also understand where I do make the connection....

- should there be a second wish in all of this, it would be just to maybe sustain the other little items here. Such as keeping the hair supply [no joke intended there folks] as it is. This is due to the fact that I have finally decided on what the look is during the winter
[long hair with the jade contacts] and summer [shorter hair with the hazel contacts]. It is not so much being greedy in that department, but making sure that along with the cosmetics that I can be consistent. After all, that is what I try to do no matter what; be that as a tech, photographer, parent to Rachel and Marissa, as well as to the one I love.

OK and now to add a comment to a previous post - Yes the San Diego Chargers were able to figure out Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Dolts, oops I mean Colts. HOWEVER it seems that the referees this past Sunday had another idea. Gee what is the word for it???Oh yeah CHEATING. No it is not being sore or the fact this is Marissa's team....but even the late Ray Charles could have seen that the officiating morons in chief were skkewing this game in favor of the Colts. And to them all I will say is this 'Justice may be blind, but it can see in the Dark'

And a correction to another one: the F-22 is called the Raptor, the F-35 is the official designation for what is also called the Joint Strike Fighter, which is on order for the USAF, Navy and Marines. Both of these are subject ot possible....what am I saying.......REAL BUDGET CUTS being planned by the new adminstration. Heaven help us all....

Well that is it for now....and if you see my Roxanne tell her that her Cyrano is someone who will always be matter what.

Til next time True Believers!!

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