Monday, December 01, 2008

Odd how things work out at times...

Hello True Believers!!

One of the really nice things about having a little extra time to oneself and the right equipment, is that this allows a person to experiment a little more with some things they had waned to try. Be this cooking, be this with art, be this with music...time and issues conspire to create opportunities to do so. And if you have been following this blog, you know that this has been a period where I have been baring the soul; in photographic visage as well in prose to the one who I am very deeply smitten with. In the vein of the former...seeing that the weather has forced me to take the picture taking indoors, I am working with a digital camera that I am now finally getting to know. Yes, even though I am a whiz with PC's and have garnered a reputation of being the person who very little about a Windows-based computer can get by...I have started to become more at ease with this little beastie. While 0's and 1's will not take the place of an orange-shifted, analogue red, blue green and silver coated platform, it is just nice to know that with a little practice and thinking about the one I love while posing can result in images that are as good as those I have taken outdoors.

For those of you who may be thinking that this is keeping up with the joneses at Flickr and other sites, that is not the case in the least. This is showing the person who I am smitten with that this is who will be waiting for her...diffent haircolor, different looks. But still with a smile...somewhat private...somewhat more than I show to even my neighbors [yes, some of them are amazed that your loyal correspondent actually has teeth]...but it is easier for me to do this when I can place the mind in the state of 'while others will see it, I treat this as though it is for an audience of one'. Which was something I think some may not understand in full. The vanity streak is something that does happen, even with the most jaded or jaundiced of the human race. Not that it has bitten here strongly, however this is
something that becomes easier to do when there is another rationale at play.

By the way, for those of you who are wondering what that 'ax' I use for the outdoor [more like about 97% of those]looks like, this is it in the pic to the left It is a Yashica AF-230 and while it looks like a little toy in these pics, do not let that fool you. When this was first on the market [and this for me was ages ago...back in that long lost decade of the 80's], it was considered to be one of the true breakthrough SLR's of its day. What kept it up there in the same pantheon with the Nikon F-3 and the Canon EOS [remember this was the camera that took the place of the AE-1 Program] was that it could be 'stopped down' to a manual and also introduced the 'Trap Focus' option. 'Trap Focus' allowed the camera to be set at a predetermined focal distance and set on one item in the middle of the screen and anything that would walk into the center of the field of vision would trigger the shutter. Odd is that Yashica did not effectively patent this idea, and Nikon, Canon, Konica and a few others copied this. But this was the original...and when this was found on Ebay a couple years ago, I grabbed it. It was that white whale, that perfect machine that was the toy to have for yours truly.

So there You have it for it digital or film, I do this if not to improve the image, but to show my beloved that yes, this is the face behind the emails and other visual representations. One day we will connect...if only because I do not see the fates doing to this heart what it seems to do to those who are fans of the Chicago Cubs.

Til next time True Believers!!

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