Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A Certain Degree of Determination results in One Little Victory

Well never let it be said that determination in one's field over time does not pay off. In addition to chatting on the net, writing those copious emails to my crush and posting pics in different places, I do keep my skills as a tech up. For some
reason that actually paid off today when I did some work for a longterm client of mine. And it was nice, an incredible rush..

Why you may ask? Even though there has not been that much of a call for me to go out and do onsite tech support, there has been a constructive effort here to stay as current as possible. Reason being is that one never knows when an email or a call will come in and say 'we need you'. And there is something else to this. It is the feeling, the charge, the high that one gets when the endeavor works, when it hits on all cylinders. When you have fxed a system and the customer has a smile on their face, all that time spent beforehand was and is worth it. A former supervisor of mine years ago called this the 'WOW' factor. That is what it was today. A 'WOW' a 'Randi, you do know your stuff, even after all this time' moment.

What would be nice is if this could happen everyplace else. As much as this may sound narcissistic, self centered and boderline selfish...I really want to do the same in an emotional vein for that one person. Yes, it happens here with the cats; Rachel and Marissa really do like it when there is something that occurs to make them purr, smile in their own way and say 'Mom you did us a really big favor...THANK YOU!!' While catnip and dry food would obviously not do for a human, gosh there is this desire, burning need in a sense to do same. But to quote the song from Rush.....I will take today as 'One Little Victory'.

Til next time True Believers!!!

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